Toupin Rigging Company, Inc.

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We offer a full Millwright service providing the complete installation, assembly/disassembly, modification and maintenance of single machines or entire production lines. In addition to delivering and locating the machinery within your facility, we can precisely assemble, align and level the machinery to the required layout and specifications. Our crews have extensive experience in the set up of all types of machinery used in every industry. Furthermore, we have a great relationship working with all the machine manufacturers to ensure that the machinery is set up to the manufacturers specifications. We can also take care of securing your machinery within your facility. In many applications the machine base is as important as the machine itself. We can install all types of machine foundations and securing systems including concrete, aggregate and epoxy grouts, sole plates, structural steel, base plates, support platforms, vibration pads, levelers, anchors, etc. Once the base is prepared, we can align and level the machinery within .005" with our calibrated machinist levels, laser and optical levels.
If it's time to decommission or relocate machinery let the professionals at TRC handle it. Our crews can disassemble the machinery with the same precision and care used in assembling it. We will make sure that all the machine parts and sections are well marked and labeled for reassembly. If the machinery is designated for disposal our crews will safely dismantle the machinery and transport it to approved recycling facilities.
If modifications, repair or routine maintenance is desired, whether it's for a scheduled shut down or an immediate emergency, TRC can keep you running smoothly and reduce unwanted down time.





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Our employees have successfully completed a 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Training Course in Construction Safety & Health.


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