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Toupin Rigging Company provides the fabrication, welding and installation of all types of structural steel used in industrial applications. Our services include machine pedestals, platforms, structural support members, grating, staircases, railings, mezzanines, catwalks and building steel. We can handle your fabrication needs whether it is a new design, repair, or modification.
Our certified welders are experienced in all types of industrial welding including structural steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Our crews can tackle the job whether it is at our fabrication shop or on site at your facility. For on site projects, our crews are trained and equipped to make safety our top priority providing fire prevention, ventilation control and compliance with all safety standards. Furthermore, our company's many resources allow us to provide you with full installation service.
For example, we will not only fabricate and install your machine pedestal or support steel regardless of weight and size, but also rig the related machinery onto the support. We can use our experienced rigging/fabricating crews and crane service to install roof top support steel and safely crane the respective roof top units into place. Our installation crews can precisely align, level and secure the pedestals, platforms, support steel, etc. to all foundations and building structures using the correct methods. Our transportation services allow us total control to easily transport pre-fabricated structures to the customer. Whether the project involves the on site hoisting of a mixing tank to extend or repair the support legs, the addition and reinforcement of existing building steel, or the installation of a machine platform in an active manufacturing area the professionals at TRC can provide you with dependable full service and top quality to meet all your needs.





Toupin Rigging Company Inc. is an ISNetworld Member Contractor/Supplier.


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US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Our employees have successfully completed a 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Training Course in Construction Safety & Health.


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